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Something people usually forget about is the pillow, and that a pillow does not live forever.

It is not rare that people say that they have inherited a pillow from their parents or have been using the same pillow their entire life. Not many people know this but the usual lifespan of a pillow is about 3-5 years. During this time your pillow gets exposed to a lot of sweat and bacteria which changes the structures of the fibers inside, changing the support and shape of the pillow. If you have a pillow you can clean in the washing machine make sure that you don’t use a too high temperature and that you dry it in a dryer together with some tennis balls. This prevents the fibers or feathers inside the pillow from sticking to each other and form a hard ball.

For a good night sleep a good bed is the highest priority, but don’t forget about the pillow. When buying a new bed you will probably have to buy a new pillow as well. This is because it will differ from bed to bed on how deep your shoulders go in to the springs and the mattress. The best thing is to try out the pillow on the bed you are buying or have bought in the store, so you know exactly what will work with your bed.

Pillows are a hygiene product and are often not refundable. Make sure you try them out in the store and get help from someone that can make sure that the pillow is not too high or low. You can easily ask your friend or partner to check if the pillow is the right hight for you by checking if your spine is in a straight horizontal line.

When you have bought a pillow give it some time to get used to. In some cases it can take up to 2-3 months to get used to a new pillow so don’t rush to buy a new one after the first night. This is because, if it differs a lot from the pillow you had earlier the muscles in your neck needs to reset and get used to the new sleeping position.

If you find yourself buying pillow after pillow and nothing works, I am sad to say but the problem is probably not the pillow but the bed.


For more information and tips on buying a new bed you can read my previous post called "Buying a bed".



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